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Target data breach

By December 23, 2013July 7th, 2014Websites

Target data breach

Target Corporation’s data breach touched millions. What does that mean to those affected, and what recourse do we have.

To say Target Corporation has been in the news is a world-class understatement, and especially disconcerting for those of us who live in Minnesota. Odds are pretty good that everyone living here has a family member, relative, or knows someone who works for Target. When Target has issues, the people of Minnesota have issues.

As an IT professional who writes about information security, and lives in the heart of Target-land; I have a particularly “up close and personal” connection. Many times, when I contracted as a network engineer, I remember getting lost in Target’s cavernous multi-floor data centers. I also remember having to go through a serious shakedown to get into each of the data centers. There was one data center in particular, where a certain security guard took great pleasure pointing out that the guy pictured in my driver’s license had hair.

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