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Virtual Desktop/Cloud Computing

Virtual Desktop

Group 4 Networks can provision your very own cloud backup and computer support in Toronto. We have the ability, through partner relationships, of enabling cloud computing for your enterprise.

Cloud Computing

With our CLOUD COMPUTING we can give you an all-in-one package that delivers secure remote access, disaster recovery, data backup, fast “always on” network performance at an incredible cost savings with no effort and no action required on your part.

“Cloud Computing – Whether you’re on your desktop PC, laptop, Android tablet or an iOS device like the iPad, you will be synched to the same cloud-based Windows desktop.”

What is Cloud Computing?

Most of us use resources delivered through the “cloud” everyday without ever realizing it. Applications such as Google Apps or Google Docs or software services such as Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail are all hosted on someone else’s server and not our own; the services are just delivered through the “cloud” (or the Internet). Some of these services are brought to you free of charge and some you pay for, such as The term “cloud” originated from using a cloud shaped symbol when referencing the Internet in many network diagrams. With the adoption of software as a service models (SaaS) across the Internet landscape, many application developers have focused their efforts exclusively on this model as a form of product delivery.

Why am I hearing so much about Cloud Computing lately?

Cost. And ease. In that order. Everyone wants robust features and services without having to pay much for them (or as little as possible). Selling on-premise software these days is tough when you can get a comparable product for less money delivered over a broadband connection. These products are delivered in the cloud, or from a datacenter, where the cost of hardware, energy, bandwidth and management are spread out over a number of subscribers, bring the cost down for you.

Can Cloud Computing Benefit my Business?

Absolutely! Group 4 Networks can provision your very own cloud backup and computer support in Toronto. We have the ability, through partner relationships, of enabling cloud computing for your enterprise. We can image your existing server deployment to a virtualized volume and provision those servers in the cloud (or data center). The data center is inherently more secure, provides redundancy, offers unlimited storage capacity, and more often than not is less expensive than a server infrastructure (even a single server) deployed in your organization or facility.

A Full-Featured PC Desktop, Available from Any Computer, Any Time

Computer Support Hosting TorontoG4NS delivers a groundbreaking solution “desktop” filled with the industry’s most popular business applications, available from any computer with access to the Internet. The Virtual Desktop enables you to bring your computing environment from the office to your home to any Internet-connected personal computer, without taking along a laptop or storage media – a Web address is all you need. And using the Virtual Desktop is nearly transparent for the end user, with full application features and performance supported, including local and remote storage and printing of your files. For organizations with distributed users and limited IT resources, the Virtual Desktop eliminates the need to install and maintain these applications on hundreds or thousands of individual PCs. Upgrades no longer require visiting each of these desktops one by one, and broken applications and accidentally deleted DLLs are a thing of the past.

Productivity Apps and the Virtual Desktop

G4NS’s standard Virtual Desktop configuration is populated with Office Productivity Apps, the world’s most popular suite of applications for personal and professional productivity; several different packages are available. The Virtual Desktop can also be customized for your users with additional applications specifically required for your business.

Email hosting and the Virtual Desktop

G4NS also can use the Virtual Desktop to deliver the email to clients who are limited to low-bandwidth environments, enabling even remote users with dial-up lines to access the same communications and collaboration environment as the rest of your workforce.

Virtual Desktop Technology – Computing in the clouds

The Virtual Desktop is based on standards-based application portal technology, which creates a fully functional desktop within a browser window. G4NS uses application portal technology.