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Do I Get Enough Security With Free Virus Protection Software?

Do I Get Enough Security With Free Virus Protection Software?

Free Anti-Virus Software Trials

With many companies offering Anti Virus at a price, some companies pull customers by giving them one month or two months free Anti Virus software trial. During this trial, your free Anti-Virus Software will perform all the necessary activities to keep away malware. The good thing about these trials is that when the one or two months free Anti Virus software period ends, you can actually request for another trial, and this is remarkable because such companies do not monitor the number of free trials they give computer users. To your advantage, every month you can receive free Anti Virus software for your PC.

Why free antivirus protection isn’t enough?

Free antivirus software is a bargain as it doesn’t provide the robust protection you need against today’s most significant online threats.

Free antivirus provides the most basic level of protection for users. Although it blocks viruses and spyware, threats such as rootkits, bots, keyloggers, hackers, phishing scams, and infected websites breeze right past most free antivirus software.

While free antivirus offers you some value, it lacks all the features paid antivirus programs can provide. It generally lacks essential features such as a firewall, website health checks, automatic updates, and customer support. With free antivirus, you are on your own if you have any problems.

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