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Email Hosting

By November 6, 2014December 20th, 2014Email

Email hosting

Some organizations love to host their email internally within the company while others don’t mind hosting externally with a third party. In this article we’ll talk about the benefits and headaches of both hosting techniques.

Hosting an email server within your organization requires the right IT person, one who truly understands the email system which used. It could be Microsoft Exchange or some Linux email server. Running an email server for any size of company is not something to be taken lightly. Security, webmail, email policies to employees, mailbox sizes, spam handling and so much more requires good planning and knowledge.

Email Hosting

Email Hosting

The internet connection to the company and the type of internet connection matters as well. To properly host an email server within an organization, the entire network must be steady, servers configured properly, well documented and security devices such as firewalls are to be properly configured.

Some may ask, “Is internal hosting worth it?” It is worth it, in the right environment with the right amount of employees.
There are some companies who don’t want to worry about IT related things too much. They’d prefer a simpler setup, while keeping security, webmail abilities and email policies in check.
Externally hosted solutions exist to take the burden off of such a complex email setup and off your IT guys (if any) and to let a third party worry about it.

The benefits to email hosting with a third party are,

  • No complex software to setup and maintain with patches
  • No licensing headaches for each individual server
  • No extra servers needed
  • Cost saving by getting slower internet because you don’t host your own email
  • Some third parties provide free Microsoft Outlook
  • Automatic backup from external provider
  • Built-in spam filtering

If you look at the cost and the amount of positives there are with external hosting, you’d sign up right away. The costs are higher with internally hosted email because of the hardware, software, software licenses all has to be paid for on the spot.

There are still plenty of organizations that prefer to host their email internally, organizations who don’t want to risk having email data on a server they can’t access physically and don’t want to take a chance due to confidentiality.

Group 4 Networks provides external email hosting at a good price. With our email hosting, you will never have to worry about downtime, as it rarely happens. Spam filtering is included in the service. We can provide the latest technology, such as Exchange 2013 and free copies of Outlook 2013.

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