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BCM or Business Contact Manager is a tool designed by Microsoft which makes it very easy for organization to keep track of contacts, leads, accounts and etc.

BCM can be setup in two methods. The first method is to keep a local database only on one computer. The second method is more complex however it’s beneficial to everyone within the company, as the BCM database would sit on a server. The BCM database can be accessed from within Outlook using a small plugin. At the same time, if the BCM is setup to be accessible from the internet, one could access their records from anywhere.

Business Contact Manager can help you stay on top of the sales cycle. For example, you can configure your own set of rules as to how a lead should be pursued and BCM will prioritize them for you, thus saving time in a busy work day. You can also arrange your customers and products, letting you focus your attention to top customers and top-selling products



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