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The Wireless Page To TV Magnifier

The Wireless Page To TV Magnifier


This is the wireless scanner that magnifies written material up to 70X and displays the text on a television for easier viewing. As easy to use as a computer mouse, the device is simply guided over books, newspapers, or magazines and wirelessly transmits enlarged text and images to a television. An LED inside the scanner ensures onscreen images are bright and crisp and the text can be displayed in black on a white background, white on a black background, or in color. The scanner transmits the reading material up to 32′ from the included receiver that plugs into a television using the included 10′ RCA video cable. Magnifies from 20X to 70X. Scanner operates for four hours after a five-hour charge via the included AC adapter. 5 1/4″ L x 3 1/2″ H x 3 3/4″ W. (1 oz.)


Imagine being able to enlarge any given document with the click of a mouse. Make hard to read files and documents easier to read and save with wireless scanner. Backup all your data on Cloud to optimize the gadgets efficiency. Contact Group 4 Networks today to learn how you can start using the wireless scanner today.

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