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Wireless Bills in Canada

By May 11, 2013July 18th, 2014Cloud Computing



Wireless Bills in Canada

The average Canadian wireless monthly phone bill is reported to be a staggering $77, up a whooping $9, or 13% in just one year.

The study found by J.D Power & Associates 2013 Canadian Wireless Total Ownership Experience Study stated that those with data pay even more, and average of $86. The customers without data— which is roughly half of all wireless customers– pay an average of $65.

Regardless of these sky-high prices, the highest of any developed nation in the world, wireless satisfaction is up overall.

There’s also been a noticeable shift to online-based, self-service tools. And the study finds that satisfaction with the purchase experience is higher among wireless customers who use their carrier’s online self-service options than among those who use the traditional call centre service and in-store customer care options.

Among smartphone owners, the devices most frequently used are manufactured by Apple (31%), Samsung (22%) and BlackBerry (22%). Customers own Apple iPhones more than any other manufacturer’s device; however, the gap in the device satisfaction is narrowing.

This trend is expected to continue as newly introduced device from Samsung and BlackBerry grow in market share.

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