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VPN Support

When you need 24/7 for VPN Support access to your office network, Group 4 Networks can set up remote computer access and virtual private network (VPN) connections, allowing you to connect from anywhere in the world. Our onsite service dispatches a technician to your home or office, where we can configure the network best suited to your needs and show you how to use it effectively. Whether you need to be able to access one computer from a remote laptop, or if you want your mobile workforce to be connected to all of your office resources while away from home, we are able to address all your needs. Our small business IT support is available to you whenever you need it.

Whether you need us to service an already existing remote network or set up a new one, our trained and experienced technicians have the skills to solve any problem. We can provide remote connections to your systems through encrypted online connections, allowing laptop users to access files and resources at the central office. We can also link your different locations to each other and to the internet, allowing you to share files and information safely and securely.

If you are having trouble with an existing remote network or VPN connection, call Group 4 Networks today for a free phone evaluation by one of our computer repair technicians. We can troubleshoot any existing connection and make recommendations to repair or replace equipment or set you up with a new remote access service.

Whatever you need, when it comes to establishing remote access for your network, PC Fixer can provide the best solution to you. Five days a week, we are available to provide you with the best IT Service in the GTA area. Our troubleshooting experts can verify that your machines are properly connected to each other and to the internet.

Our technicians are trained to deal with:

  • Terminal services
  • VPN Support
  • Desktop sharing
  • Remote file sharing
  • Internet connections
  • Firewall configuration
  • Site-to-site network tunnels
  • And everything else for networking!

Contact Group 4 Networks today at (416) 623-9677 and we will come to your location with the best IT Service in Toronto.  Please also feel free to email us and we will respond to your inquiry promptly.