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Virtual Desktop and How it Works on your desktop

Virtual Desktop

Everything is delivered from the G4NS Data Centers

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With Virtual Desktop, all of your applications and data are delivered and are fully supported from our secure data center facilities . We completely remove your dependence on in-house servers, software, and help desk personnel . G4NS relieves your company of all of the mundane day-to-day IT responsibilities. In return, you get stability and peace of mind along with the features and functionality of a Fortune 500 IT department.

All you need is Internet access (or point-to-point MPLS)

If your employees can access the Internet, then your company’s resources are available. With Virtual Desktop, your employees log in directly through their Internet browser (or point-to-point MPLS). Once logged in, users can access all of their programs, data, email, and any other applications they use to do their jobs. Your employees will have secure access to everything they need no matter where, when, or how they work.

Just log in

To access your network, your employees log in at . Using their username and secure password, they are authenticated on the network and are presented with everything they need. All applications and data are hosted from our Data Centers.

Everything is External

All applications are delivered through the Internet and are run from our managed Data Centers. Despite this difference, applications work exactly as if they were running locally . All servers, applications, and files are housed within our advanced, secure Data Centers. Local computers are no longer critical since nothing runs or is saved there. You’ll benefit from improved reliability, mobility, and security as well as a far more stable environment.

Work anywhere and operate centrally

Because your employees can log in from anywhere, they’re able to work anywhere – from home, from work, or from the road . With Virtual Desktop, it doesn’t matter where or how you access the network, the experience is exactly the same. This makes it possible for users in multiple locations to all operate centrally under one “virtual roof” .

We become your Fortune 500 IT department

G4NS provides your organization with all of the functionality and stability of a Fortune 500 IT department , including a secure offsite Data Center, high-performance hardware, total IT management, an outstanding helpdesk, advanced security systems, access from anywhere, disaster recovery, an expert staff, and much, much more.