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Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

(Virtual CIO)Large organizations typically have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) responsible for all aspects of their IT environment. For mid-sized organizations, however, it may not be practical or necessary to have a dedicated resource for this.


Why not outsource the responsibility for the management and leadership of your IT strategy to one of our highly experienced senior consultants (Virtual CIO) who will report directly to your leadership team and meet with them on an ongoing basis, and when needed.


Following the same model your organization may already be using to gain access to top-level professional Legal or Accounting skills, our Virtual CIO service gives you access to high-quality IT leaders who will be responsible for your IT strategy, without the financial burden of having them on staff full-time.

Your Virtual CIO will ensure

your IT plans are aligned with your strategic business objectives; individual technology projects & investments are prioritized to best meet those objectives; and that projects utilize the most effective IT solutions & technology products.

Following this same outsourcing model, we also offer network and systems engineers to deploy new technologies and systems for your business properly and cost-effectively. By leveraging the skills and experience of our engineers, you’re more likely to get the job done right the first time.

If you organization is looking for such cost savings please contact Group 4 Networks to help you with this.