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U Transfer USB Stick

U Transfer USB Stick


The biggest problems with USB sticks, which I know many will agree with, is that they are dependent on a computer. If you want to send large files to a friend you have to use a computer to do so. You could use cloud storage systems but not everyone is connected to the internet all the time and 1GB files do take a while to upload.

U Transfer is a new concept where it eliminates the middleman, which is the computer, and enables you to transfer files between USB sticks directly. It also features a little touchscreen which will enable you to browse around for the file you want to transfer.

How much easier would it be if this became a universal system. Yes it will be more expensive but the convenience would outweigh that by far.


Contact Group 4 Networks today to learn how you can start using the U Transfer for your business, company or office. Send large files with ease on the go and without the necessity of a computer. Backup all important files on Cloud to insure security for your files. Embrace the evolution of technology by using a U Transfer today. Contact Group 4 Networks for any further questions.

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