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Email Hosting

Email is important to everyone, it’s how people stay in touch with friends and family, how people conduct business with each other. Without email, you wouldn’t be in business today. At Group 4 Networks we specialize in IT support for small business and email hosting.

Group 4 Networks

is an IT consulting company based in Toronto, which offers managed IT services, cloud desktop hosting, computer support, server support, email hosting and cloud backup solutions.

Group 4 Networks employees have experience in various fields within IT, such as Wi-Fi, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server, Active Directory, computer hardware, email, mobile devices and so on.

Should you ever want to migrate to a better, more advanced, fully synchronized email hosting platform, we can make it happen. All your emails would stay intact, in the same folder hierarchy as before the migration. Also, we’ll even setup your mobile devices to connect to the new email server, if you require. We will migrate your email, but we will also setup spam filtering through a 3rd party, just so useless emails won’t bombard you. The spam filter service also has the ability to notify the user up to 3 times a day, at different intervals. With this alerting system you can easily and effectively see if the spam filter accidentally caught any legitimate emails.