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IT Help Desk Support Toronto

By April 22, 2011July 16th, 2014Cloud Computing

IT Help Desk Support Toronto


Group 4 Networks Help Desk Support provides a single point of contact for all your IT issues. Our Help Desk team provides expertise in hardware, operating systems, networks, and software applications. Team members are trained to work directly with end users, or with technical experts.

Typical Situation

•  Organizations where employees are dependent on IT, but where there is no staff to provide direct support.

•  Growing businesses that chose to outsource specialized functions.

•  Organizations undergoing transition.

– Environments with special support needs.

Service Description

•  All initial calls for support are placed to our Help Desk number.

•  Our customer information system ensures that technicians are familiar with your specific system requirements.

•  With Service Anywhere, Operational Support Specialists can access your network to resolve most application and configuration issues.

•  On-site visits are quickly arranged to address problems that require hands-on presence.

Our team will work directly with specialized software vendors and other members of your support team to ensure you are not caught in the middle.


•  Reduce employee stress through quick access to helpful people.

•  Avoid delays and runarounds from vendor help desks.

– Reduce disruptions by implementing the proper remedial procedures in a timely fashion.