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The Next BlackBerry

By July 28, 2014May 18th, 2021IT Miscellaneous Support

The Next BlackBerry

BlackBerry is trying and trying to get back to where it once was. When Heins was at the lead, he attempted to bring the company out of its dark times. Some say he failed, some say he could have done more. It’s no lie a lot BlackBerry users have switched to the more modern touch phones, such as iPhones and Android or even Windows Phone.

The current generations of BlackBerry phones are the popular Q10, Z10 and Z30. Some websites report a Z50 is in production and may or may not be on the market this fall. But that’s not the phone that’s getting the entire highlight as of late.

Meet the BlackBerry Passport

When the BB Passport will be released, it will most probably ship with the latest BB OS, verison 10.3. The current version is 10.2. Some changes in OS 10.3 will be for sure, the icons. The way they will be presented will be different. They will no longer be surrounded by a square. More changes will be revealed over time.

Ok, back to the phone itself. The Passport will feature a feature 4.5inch square display, 3GB RAM and 3450mAh battery (it will last a very long time)!

Current generation users of BlackBerry, whichever model it may be, will be able to pickup the Passport and just start using it without any issues. However, looking at the physical characteristics, the phone may not be very appealing to some. It looks really wide. Is it possible it has just a bit too much screen?

It is to be expected die-hard BlackBerry fans will most probably buy one, if not two Passports. Also there is no doubt IT staff will also start handling these phones sometime soon.

The release date is sometimes in Q4 of this year. There will also be a launch even in London, in September.

Visit the link below for a lot more pictures on the upcoming phone,