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SkyDrive rename and online storage

SkyDrive renamed and online storage Microsoft’s online file storage, SkyDrive, which is similar to DropBox, Cubby and Google Drive, is getting a major update – not in storage capacity but it’s name. SkyDrive has been renamed to OneDrive. The reason for the rename was due to a a trademark case with British Sky Broadcasting Group. od OneDrive, like others, has the ability to create special folder on the computer, which synchronizes files, and folders to Microsofts cloud storage servers. OneDrive offers an odd 7GB storage for users, for free.  DropBox offers 5GB, as well as Cubby, and Google Drive offers 15GB – for free. Once your files are copied to the respective folder, the same file will be made available from anywhere with an internet connection. Each service has a paid counterpart, which offers more space for a monthly fee. Cubby offers 100GB for $7/month, Google Drive offers 100GB for $5/month and DropBox offers 100GB for $10/month. The more extra space you’d need, the more you have to pay. Some of these services also offer enterprise pricing. If you’d like to learn more about online storage solutions, feel free to contact Group 4 Networks.

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