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5 best secure browsers 2015

5 best secure browsers 2015

5 best secure browsers 2015: Private browsing guide – protect your privacy whilst browsing the web with these best secure browsers

All browsers claim to be secure these days, so is there any point in using one that majors on its security?

Browse the web with privacy and security with these best secure browsers. Protect your privacy online with the five best secure browsers you can use in 2015.

What does the idea of a secure browser mean in 2015? The world is now more complex than it was in 2010 when we last looked at the contenders. People are more oriented to mobile devices running under very different conditions while a range of security features such as URL filtering, download protection and do not track have transformed mainstream desktop browsers such as Chrome, IE and Firefox. In a sense all browsers could now plausibly claim to be ‘secure’ browsers.

If that’s the case, what has happened to what were once considered secure browsers? One answer is the specialised products are now more focused on the issue of user privacy, of handing back control to the user and opting out of data collection systems of the sort that underpin firms such as Google.

It is perfectly possible to tweak Chrome, Firefox or IE, fine tuning them for security and privacy if that’s important. Each now has a privacy mode – which might or might not convince the sceptic of course. But the philosophy behind the true secure browser is to eschew the notion of platforms and plug-ins, stripping back every non-essential feature to create a more minimalist experience.

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Best Secure Browsers 2015

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