Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting

Managed Email Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting Toronto

G4NS’s server hosting provides enterprise-class reliability, performance and value for a simple, low monthly cost. Server hosting is our core competency. By selecting Group 4 Networks, you enable your organization to reap the benefits of enterprise class hosting without the high costs associated with implementation and maintenance of an in-house system.

Technology as a Utility

G4NS allows for organizations of every size to purchase Information Technology services as they would purchase electricity from a utility company.

With G4NS:

  • You pay only for the service you use each month.
  • You are not tied into purchasing and maintaining expensive servers, licenses and support contracts.
  • You eliminate the burdens of maintaining and protecting in-house services.
  • Future software and service upgrades are included in the low monthly service fee.

Business Viability

G4NS’s business model has allowed us to tie our business expenses in proportion to the number of customers we support. We have made agreements with nearly all of our vendors to link our costs to the number of users we serve. Additionally, our technical architecture was designed from the ground up for growth. This has allowed our engineers to add capacity as needed without causing downtime to existing customers.

Experience and Service

A pioneer in providing a complete Email outsourcing solution, G4NS has been providing email services since 2001. With a friendly staff of Microsoft Certified Professionals our support team takes pride in our personalized support. We will do our best to make your transition to our hosted email service a smooth one. If you are having trouble with a particular workstation, we can even set up a GotoMyPC® Session where we actually help configure the workstation for you, across the Internet. If you are having trouble or have any question you can reach us via our toll-free support number, online chat or email. Full service technical support is free with the G4NS service, and is available Monday-Friday 8AM EST to 5PM EST. Additionally we offer free 24 hour emergency support for issues related to failed email, connectivity and DNS related problems.

Reliability and Performance

In today’s environment, rich with viruses, worms and malicious attacks, maintaining reliable messaging services is a daunting challenge for any organization. It’s perhaps for this reason alone that so many organizations have chosen G4NS. From the redundancy built into our hardware architecture, blended BGP4 bandwidth, to nightly backups and documented disaster recovery policies and Service Level Agreements (SLA), maintaining a reliable messaging service is our core competency.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are key concerns for any business. G4NS employs a combination of physical, software-based and procedural-based security policies to safeguard our network and our customers’ data. These policies include everything from 24 hour monitoring in our data center, anti-virus and intrusion detection software to documented internal policies and procedures used by our support staff.