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Office 365 major changes to email attachment handling

Office 365 HostingOffice 365 major changes to email attachment handling


Microsoft is trying to get rid of the old mentality with attachment handling within their Office 365 email platform. The current method, which we will call as the “old method” with handling email attachments within a web browser is to download the email attachment, save it to the folder you want, open the attachment in with the respective program. If it were a Word document, you’d open it with Word and so forth.


The “new way”, thanks to a big update from Microsoft is a streamlined approach.


The approach for this update from Microsoft was to have the email and document editing in one window. This way the Word document or Excel document could be edited from the main email screen. This completely eliminates the process of saving the file, hunting around for the file, opening Word as a separate application, saving the changes and replying to the email by reattaching the same file you just worked on. It honestly is a long process, an archaic process.


This approach to handling documents, spreadsheets and presentations is groundbreaking and should have been done a long time ago.


You may be wondering, “What about PDF files?” They can only be previewed, as well as the common image files, they can’t be edited.


Could Microsoft be on to something with this new update to their Office 365? Yes! Could we as computer users see more of such streamlined and everything-in-one applications? Absolutely. Google’s Gmail also does the same thing, with their integration with Google Docs, and from within Google Docs you can send the edited document as an attachment.


Web applications will only get better and easier to use as time moves on. Until recently, working within a web-based email was annoying. In Outlook users can only read the attached items they cannot edit them.

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