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New Skype App

The Skype app has been around for a long time on a variety of mobile platforms. Microsoft has recently fine-tuned the Apple version of Skype, and now the Android version, to reach one objective: a more streamlined and fluid Skype experience. One key upgrade is to organize contacts better. The new Skype 5.0 app has been fine tuned to find current friends who already use Skype, from your address book on your phone.

The way Skype originally functioned was a manner of knowing your friends email address or username or full name, which they used to register to Skype. If you knew none of that, you wouldn’t have been chatting with them.

Within the Android environment, users can join multiple contacts together, manually or automatically, from different types of services or apps. For example, if you find your friend on Skype as John Doe, and have Skype on your phone, the phone will take Skypes contacts and merge them together with the contacts in your address book. This gives the phone user a giant ease when contacting their friends or colleagues. With this fashion, the user may not even have to open Skype. All they’d have to do is find the contact and click on the Skype button to call them.

In this major update to Skype, the app looks at your friends phone numbers already entered in your contact list, and compares it to the number your friends entered on Skype. If there’s a match, the Skype contact is filed under the person’s name in your phone and gets merged with the original contact info. Soon people will have to start updating their Skype profiles and enter in their phone numbers.

Smartphones these days are incredible smart. It’s not only with Skype one can have merged contacts in the address book of their phone. A lot of other applications can do this. For example, your professional contacts from LinkedIn, members of your Google+ circles, your WhatsApp friends, the people you tweet with and finally your Facebook contacts – all these apps are contact based and some people would want to have every single contact known to them, all in one spot.

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