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Microsoft, Google Help Create Ethernet Consortium for Clouds

By July 2, 2014July 8th, 2014Cloud Computing

Microsoft, Google Help Create Ethernet Consortium for Clouds

A group of tech companies that include networking vendors (Arista Networks and Mellanox Technologies), cloud companies (Microsoft and Google) and a component maker (Broadcom) has created an industry consortium to drive the development of 25 Gigabit Ethernet and 50 Gigabit Ethernet in large-scale data centers.

The 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium has released an initial specification for single-lane 25GbE and dual-lane 50GbE that it is making now widely available to any data center technology vendors or end users that join the desired group.

According to officials, the rapid growth in the amount of data being created and moved over to networks due to such trends such as cloud computing, big data and mobility this insures that networks have to be faster than the 10GbE that is becoming increasingly common in today’s data centers and the 40GbE that is beginning to see even greater adoption.

Changing to faster speeds will improve the performance of data center networks and help drive down overall operating and capital costs with the companies. The goal is to grow the consortium membership and fuel a rapid rollout over the next 12 to 18 months of 25GbE and 50GbE implementations that are compliant with the specification.

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