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Laptops, ultrabooks and convertibles

Laptops, ultrabooks and convertibles

There are laptops, ultrabooks and convertibles. In this post we will talk about the differences between these laptops. However, as anything, it all comes down to what the user needs.

If one was to seek portability, and was willing to make a few sacrifices, an ultrabook is the way to go. Ultrabooks lack optical drives, so forget about watching your favorite Blu-ray movie on a trip. Some ultrabooks lack the ability to upgrade memory, as the memory is directly on the motherboard and non-removable. Most ultrabooks also lack the option to replace the battery, without disassembling the entire machine. Technically it is possible to replace the battery, but some ultrabook batteries are not user replaceable. A technician would have to do it. The best thing with ultrabooks is the weight. Some are ridiculously light.

Ultrabooks can get expensive very fast, should a user need a very light notebook as well as some major computing power for certain applications. Traditional notebooks these days are cheaper, as the manufacturing process usually stays the same, whereas with ultrabooks every component needs to be smaller. This is not to say normal laptops can’t get expensive, they can get very expensive once the fancy features are added, such as backlit keys, more memory, etc.

Convertible laptops are laptops that can convert into a tablet, eliminating the use of the keyboard. Convertibles have a touch screen display. However, not all convertible notebooks are good. Some work better as a tablet, and some work better as a laptop. Some convert to a tablet by flipping the screen and covering the keyboard, enabling tablet mode. One example is the Asus Taichi. Other convertibles can detach the screen from the keyboard, and then it can be used as a tablet. An example of this is the HP Split x2

Some brands to look at, for any kind of new laptop, are Dell, HP, Samsung and Asus.

Should you need assistance purchasing a new laptop or have more questions about laptops, ultrabooks and convertibles, feel free to contact Group 4 Networks.

HP Split x2