Virtual Desktop Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting makes applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

Virtual Desktop

A virtual environment where the entire desktop operating system with other software applications, are encapsulated into a software package and run as an instance on any compatible computer/server using virtual machine software.

Group 4 Networks can provision your very own cloud backup and computer support in Toronto. We have the ability, through partner relationships, of enabling cloud computing for your enterprise.

Managed Application Hosting

Group 4 Networks Virtual Office Hosting Solution is our most popular small and medium sized business package and comes with:

  • G4NS secure virtual office hosting
  • Email hosting for enterprise class email and collaboration
  • Office productivity application and tools
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • 1,000 MB (1 GB) of file storage
  • Two web browsers
  • Complete anti-virus and spam protection
  • Add any number of applications and features like QuickBooks or hosted BlackBerry devices from our software library and a-la-carte menu.
Virtual Office Desktop Hosting

Starting at $99.95 per user per month.

Group 4 Networks, specializes in IT Support in Toronto offers IT Outsource Support as well as IT Consulting. Group 4 Networks is able to cater their specialties to various companies, businesses and offices including; IT Dental Support, IT Support for Law Firms and Medical IT Support.

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Group 4 Networks has been in the data management business for over 10 years and is able to provide an efficient service at an approachable price. Sending a specialist onsite or on the phone to solve all your IT obligations, Group 4 Networks offers a service that is fast and an organized solution that is guaranteed to bring success and profit to your current business, company or office.