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Invisible App Designed To Cure iPhone Zombies

By July 2, 2014July 10th, 2014Moment by Group 4 Networks

Moment: The Invisible App Designed To Cure iPhone Zombies

Moment is a new iPhone app designed to make you aware of how much time you’re spending on your smartphone. Moment is an iOS app that aims to warn people that they are spending too much time on their phones. Designed to be largely invisible, the app does just one thing: track how much time you spend every day on your iPhone, and warn you when you’re going overboard.

The way Moment works is very simple. When installed on your iPhone, the app will begin tracking how much you use the device by minute. This can be done manually by tapping a button, but by design, Moment is meant to work invisibly, tracking your usage in the background without you having to do a thing.

The app is intended to teach the public and force a balance between a connected life and a disconnected one that makes sense to each individual.

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