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Internet Explorer 0day vulnerability

 Internet Explorer 0day vulnerability

Microsoft is warning people about Internet Explorer, which has a serious 0day vulnerability, which attackers can exploit and gain control of your computer. A 0day vulnerability is a bug or hole in the product which has never been documented before, is an unknown bug or hole to the developer, and something that has not been fixed yet.

securitybrokenThis 0day vulnerability within Internet Explorer affects versions 6 to 11. The vulnerability is triggered when the user goes to an infected website and if the client computer has Adobe Flash installed. This 0day vulnerability news comes at somewhat of a bad time, since Microsoft has just ended their support for Windows XP. Windows XP users will not receive any patches to fix this major vulnerability within Internet Explorer.

At this time there is no fix from Microsoft, however it is expected for a patch to be released with the upcoming Windows updates. In the meantime, we recommend users to temporarily use a different browser, either FireFox or Google Chrome, as these browsers are not exposed to the latest IE vulnerability.

If you are a client of Group 4 Networks and if you are on our managed service plan, these updates will be applied automatically as soon as the fix from Microsoft is released.

If you would like more info on this latest Internet Explorer vulnerability, feel free to contact Group 4 Networks.

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