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Hotel WiFi Vulnerability

New Hotel WiFi Vulnerability

Earlier this year, the FTC declared a critical announcement for travelers: hotel WiFi is dangerous. Many people assume that because they are paying for it the network must be safe, but that is a dangerous…

Recently, a security company named Cylance published a report stating that they’ve found a vulnerability in an Internet router used by eight of the top ten hotel chains. This susceptibility allows hackers to not only see everything that hotel guests are doing online, but also allows access to the hotels’ Property Management System (PMS) which contains everything from credit card information to in-room temperature.

While the company that made the router has issued a patch, the damage has already been done and larger security concerns still exist. No one knows if hackers were able to steal information as a result of this vulnerability, but it’s long been known that hackers target hotel WiFi networks because of their lax security.

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