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Here’s why the Facebook phone flopped

By May 9, 2013July 18th, 2014IT Support in Toronto

Here’s why the Facebook phone flopped

The HTC First, also known as the official Facebook phone, was unofficially decleared a complete catastrophe as soon as AT&T dropped the phones price from almost $100 to the jaw dropping 99 cents on Wednesday May 8th, 2013.

Seems unexpected? In an industry well known for smartphone discounts, the extreme price drop was questioned by all. With less than a month after its debut the sudden price drop came relatively quickly.

Lets break down what really went wrong.

Facebook Home isn’t for everyone.

Facebook Home dominates the phone users experience, and while there are shortcuts to get you to you apps, its a big change and one that some people weren’t ready for just yet. Selling a phone strictly dedicated to Facebook Home does strike up a challenge for the intended buying group. Yes, you can turn it off, but that would be missing the point of buying the phone in the first place.

At $99, it was still too expensive.

AT&T, Facebook, and HTC wanting the phone to be the most affordable as possible. The remaining question is why go half way? A Facebook phone for free? That will turn heads–at least among hardcore users of the social network.

You can get Home anywhere.

What was the point of a smartphone focused on Facebook Home when you can get Facebook Home on several different–and superior–phones?

Too much competition.

The HTC One came out last month, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is making it way to stores now. Both phones, by the way, are able to use Facebook Home.


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As for Facebook and its light foray into the hardware business, hopefully the First is its last.