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Guest Wi-Fi

By February 27, 2014July 21st, 2014IT Outsource, IT Support in Toronto

 Guest Wi-Fi



The act of setting up a guest Wi-Fi account is nothing new, people, especially organization’s have been doing it for a long time. The purpose of having a guest Wi-Fi account is to separate out the types of users along with how much access they need to a network. This adds security to a computer network, and will prevent any unauthorized access to data on a network. For example, a law firm offers free Wi-Fi access while clients wait to meet with their lawyers. No client should be able to access the main network server filled with case files, from the public Wi-Fi – and they won’t through a guest Wi-Fi.

How does one get a setup like this in their office?

There are some wireless routers out on the market, which support guest Wi-Fi configurations.  The Apple AirPort series and the newer Linksys routers, such as the E2500, as well as some Asus routers all support guest Wi-Fi configurations.

Guest Wi-Fi in the home is perfect for, you’ve guessed it, guests! The result will be the same as in enterprise networks, privacy on the main network and Wi-Fi for your guests. You no longer will have to watch your friends like a hawk when they’re on your network. They will not be able to access shared folders, personal files and so on from the main network as the two networks strictly won’t communicate with each other.

Should you be interested in learning more about guest Wi-Fi and guest networks, contact Group 4 Networks.