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 Google Docs and Sheets

Google has recently released two new apps for Android and iOS devices. The new apps are Google Docs and Google Sheets. A presentation app, equivalent of Microsoft’s PowerPoint is also on the way, called Slides. The two apps work great on both devices, they offer offline capability, in case you want to jot down an idea where you cannot get an internet connection on your mobile device. Both applications are very easy to use and offer a simplistic, not overcrowded design.

However, Microsoft has released its Office Mobile apps for Android and iOS not too long ago. Both companies offer their apps for free, a huge plus. However, now it’s up to the user to see which companies app suits their needs. Respectfully, Microsoft Office Mobile wants to open and save files to their OneDrive service, whereas Google Docs and Sheets give the ability to save content locally on the phone or to upload to Google Drive.

It’s good to see two big companies release some essential apps such as these. Word processing and spreadsheet apps are very useful and a lot of people have trouble finding the perfect one for their needs. With the release of Google Docs, and Sheets, perhaps some people will find exactly what they are looking for.

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