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Get paid in an instant

By July 16, 2014July 28th, 2014Get paid in an instant - Square

Get paid in an instant


Square is a small piece of electronic addon suitable for all types of phones as well as iPads.

What is Square?

Square is the ultimate way to get paid and to charge your client or customer in a flash. Just plugin the Square device into an iPhone, iPad or Android powered device. The great thing about Square is it’s small, and its application can do much more than just simply charge someone. The application has security options as to ask for a signature over a certain amount. You can read summary reports; view transaction details and if you have a cash drawer connected to an iPad you can see all the stats from the cash drawer. There is a small charge of 2.75% per swipe or invoice. However that is just per charge. The great thing about Square is there are no monthly charges, which is perfect is business ever slow. There are also no cancellation charges either. You can stop using Square whenever you want. What would you, as the owner of a business rather have? You’d want a simple to use system, which gets you paid without any issues and no monthly service fees. We’ve had clients who have had complicated cash register setups with computers. Not only was it hectic to get support, but also the initial setup of the computers, from the provider took months and a lot of nagging to get them started. The client in the end actually gave up on that system and migrated to Square. They couldn’t be happier. While Square does work on Apple and Android platforms, we’ve yet to see support for it on BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone. Also, make sure to check out the Square Stand. The Square Stand is a neat innovation, which incorporates an iPad and a card reader in an attractive combo. Check out Square!