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Galaxy S4 Space Issues and How G4NS can help

By May 13, 2013July 18th, 2014IT Support in Toronto

Galaxy S4 Space Issues and How G4NS can help

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has launched and is becoming very popular amongst Android fans. This years model sports a 5″ display, while it’s physical size of the phone is slightly thinner and narrower than last years Galaxy S III. The tech specs of the phone are also quite nice. It sports a quad core CPU, 2GB RAM and of course, LTE for all those fast downloads. There is one problem with the phone however and that is space. If I was to buy a phone which is advertised as coming with 16GB of internal memory, I’d expect the available space to be close to the advertised space. There have been a lot of reports online about the S4 having about half of its 16GB memory available for use, which is ridiculous. The phone shouldn’t be advertised with 16GB memory then. Where did the rest of the memory go? A BBC watchdog has said it will investigate into this issue. One solution to the space issue is to buy a big MicroSD card, which the S4 does support, up to a maximum of 64GB. However, this issue still remains to be solved and answers should be provided.

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