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Forgotten iPod Touch password

By June 3, 2011July 16th, 2014Cloud Computing

Forgotten iPod Touch password

I’m sure a lot of people forget passwords, especially if you haven’t used the product or service in a long time. If you have forgotten the password to your iPod Touch then follow the simple steps below and you’ll be listening to music again in no time.

1.Turn off the iPod Touch.

2.Hold the home button (the circular button on top) while its off.
3.While holding the home button, connect the cable. The iPod Touch should power on.
4.Keep holding the home button.
5.Eventually the “Connect to iTunes” image will come up, you can now release the home button.
6. Launch iTunes and click the “Restore” button. You will lose all your settings and media. At the same time, if your iPod Touch has an older iOS, iTunes will download and install the latest iOS to your device.

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