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eBay Compromised – Internet security attacks seem to be very popular, especially for the past few weeks. This time the victim is a company known for allowing users to buy and sell things online.

eBay has faced an intrusion by hackers. The hackers have stolen confidential information detailing all of eBay users, including their personal information. The personal information stolen contains names, addresses, usernames, and passwords. The passwords cannot be easily read as they are encrypted.

eBay is advising all of its users to change their passwords as soon as possible, to keep the integrity of their account in place.

PayPal has posted a warning on their press site was well, click here to read the posting.


Should you want more information about the eBay breach or more information about internet security in general, don’t hesitate to contact Group 4 Networks.

G4NS Marathon Keeps Employees Productive

But G4NS hasn’t just helped them deliver better, more efficient customer service. Thanks to G4NS Marathon, their managed services platform, they have also helped ensure that client most expensive – and most valuable – assets are protected against disaster.

“The people who work in this office are absolutely, by far and away, my most expensive people. They are also my most productive people,” Aaron says. “If you are going to wait until something breaks to fix it, those people, by and large, cannot maintain productivity that they usually maintain when everything is running well.

“So if you really look at the costs of your systems going down, you have to start adding these high annual salaries that you pay your key personnel and managers to that cost of going down. If I can provide my people with a much more

consistent method of operation, I am going to get more consistent and better productivity. It is really that simple.”