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Consider disaster recovery procedures in virtual environments

By April 27, 2011July 16th, 2014Cloud Computing

Consider disaster recovery procedures in virtual environments

A new report has warned SMBs to reconsider their disaster recovery procedures in virtual environments
Small to medium businesses (SMBs) should consider the impact of virtualisation on their backup and disaster recovery plans, according to a new research report.

By encapsulating workloads that can be shifted between physical hosts and clouds, new options for performance, redundancy and disaster recovery exist for companies that have implemented virtualisation, the report noted.

A formal disaster recovery plan can enable an organisation to survive a serious event by eliminating confusion during a disaster, and setting clear expectations for what systems and services will be brought online when and how. Many factors go into the creation and maintenance of a DR plan, including the systems, network, budget, staff, resources and, of course, business requirements, the report explained.

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