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It’s no lie that computers and the technology, which drive the computer, changes a lot in a short period of time. They have Computer Lifespan. Because of this change, some people upgrade their computers quite often, and then some don’t. A computer used at home or in the office has a life span of about 3 to 4 years. The performance of a desktop or laptop will slowly decrease as it approaches its life span. Usually it is the hard drive that causes this performance decline.

After a certain number of years, one would have to decide if it would be worth the time and effort as well as money to replace the hard drive from a computer that’s 4 years old. A newer, larger hard drive would be in the computer, however the rest of the computers parts would still be outdated. Upgrades are possible for any component; it’s all a matter of determining if it would be worth it or not.

As technological improvements are made within applications, to perform tasks simpler and faster, more code is introduced at the time of development. More code can mean the need for more computer resources, such as a faster processor and more memory.

If you keep asking your IT folks or your trusted techy friend to clean up your computer, it may be a sign to backup your data and to move to a new system.

Today’s common computer specs are typically 8GB of memory, a quad core processor and 1-4TB hard drive capacity. However, slightly lower configurations can be bought for less if you are not prepared to invest too much.

Computer slowdown is not always due to old, aging hardware, but malware can play a significant factor. Malicious software could be lingering around and consuming the computers valuable resources. Another factor is usually the unwanted applications running in the background when the pc boots to Windows. Should you keep your computer clean, you could expand its lifespan. The best way to keep the pc clean is to uninstall applications you know you won’t use any more and to not fill up the hard drive to its full capacity. Windows and other operating systems need “room to breathe”.

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