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Cell phone hotspots and tethering


 Cell phone hotspots and tethering

The process of cell phone tethering is to use your cell phone as the source of your Internet connection.  Cell phones use the exact same wireless technology as data sticks.

Over the past few years tethering has become a norm and is generally more accepted and allowed by the wireless providers. Rogers, Bell, Telus, Wind and others generally do allow tethering on their networks, however on some cell phone plans it may not be allowed. Please check with your provider if tethering is allowed or you may be charged extra from your provider.

There are three ways to use your cell phone as your source for the Internet,

1 – Wi-Fi Hotspot – This is the most simple and most common method. An option to enable the hotspot function can usually be found in the settings, either in the mobile network options or in the Wi-Fi options.

bbos10-hotspotios7 hotspotbb9900-hotspotandroid-hotspot

2 – USB cable tethering – This method delivers the same functionality as the Wi-Fi hotspot, however it is a bit more complex as the method depends on having the drivers installed on the computer. There have been cases where software updates have broken the USB tethering option from iTunes, rendering this method unusable.

3 – Bluetooth connection – Pairing your phone and your computer with Bluetooth is simple. However, not all phones support passing the internet connection through Bluetooth. On another note, Bluetooth isn’t meant for high speed data access, as it a technology designed for devices which do not require very fast connections. In general, this method isn’t the most popular one.

Why tether at all?

Tethering gives people the ability to work on the go, wherever there is cell phone service. Also, tethering is a great replacement to data sticks, and it prevents another bill, as data sticks are a separate subscription.

We at Group 4 Networks recommend to use the Wi-Fi hotspot option, as it the easiest to setup and the most common.

Should you have a hard time configuring tethering on your phone or would like more information on the topic, feel free to contact Group 4 Networks – we will gladly help.