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Browser Wars

By August 27, 2013July 18th, 2014IT Support in Toronto

Browser Wars

Which internet browser is better can be defined by how much faster it is of its competitors and how secure it is. Internet Explorer is a popular browser because it comes with Windows, its already installed and ready to be launched. Some only use Internet Explorer to download another browser, as fast as possible, because of their hate for Internet Explorer. It’s no lie that IE (Internet Explorer) can become slow, but almost any browser can slow down given the right amount of useless addons. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera are the other competitors.

Speed and security is what make a browser good. Google Chrome is fast at loading pages and opening on a computer. While IE can take a few more seconds to start up and get to the homepage. Some other aspects if a browser is suitable to a user are the features. Can it remember passwords? Does the download manager function better than Browser A? Can it change browser themes? Are addons and plugins supported?

Nothing is perfect by any means. New versions of browsers are always released. Bugs are fixed, security problems are patched, features are added, some buttons may have changed location – probably to keep up with design trends, and so forth.

All browsers can do most of the general things, such as bookmark and tabs. If you consider yourself a simple user, and don’t care about themes, plugins, speed – then the stock internet browser which is shipped with your computer, IE for Windows, Safari for Mac, may be fine for your needs.

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